Facebook, the number 1 social media channel have just revealed some major changes that will be rolled out over the next few months in 2018. These changes will directly affect how we publish our content so it’s a good idea to get your head around them so that you don’t get lost from the Facebook News Feed and your content stands out.

So what are these changes?

Friends connecting with friends
Facebook is now said to be heading back to its roots as it was a platform originally built to allow the sharing of intimate moments and personal life updates but Facebook adverts has led to companies taking over people’s News Feed.   In short, posts from you friends will now appear first in your News Feed.

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘…helping us to connect with each other.’

News sources
The algorithm has also changed to give priority to trustworthy news sources and local news publishers, meaning that if you follow a local publication you will see its stories more often in your feed.

Engagement bait
Engagement bait posts are those that ask you to tag someone, vote, comment or react: engage! This practice generally benefits the publisher and not the user so Facebook can now spot these posts and make them less visible on the News Feed.   This decision is to try and ensure that content that appears in your News Feed is credible and from a trustworthy source.

Sound Collection
Facebook now offers a ‘sound collection’ to be used on Facebook videos with 1000 music tracks and 1400 effects.

Facebook photo’s
Portrait images will not be cropped anymore in the News Feed, which is excellent news as vertical images occupy a larger space on the screen and attract more views and engagements.

Image sizes recommended for Facebook
Profile picture: 180px by 180px
Cover photo: 828px width by 310px height
Image post: 1200px by 1200px
Preview image : 1200px by 627px

What does all this mean if you run a Facebook Business Page?
The focus is on trust – so publish really unique and valuable content:

  • Genuine tips
  • Interesting stories
  • Interviews
  • Portrait images
  • Facebook live – experiment with this to show the inner workings of what you do and what you are all about.


If you need any help or tips with how to approach this fast changing social media platform as a small business owner then just drop me a line and I would love to help.





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