Having a facebook page for your business has many benefits.

  •  Its free to set up a facebook business page.
  • Facebook for business allows you to advertise – Facebook Ads are highly customizable, so your campaign is tailored to reach the exact people you want it to – age, demographics, interests and so on, therefore increasing your exposure to potential customers. Facebook Ads are inexpensive compared to traditional print.
  • Facebook Insights are available for business pages and they are easy to understand. They give you a great insight into the reach and engagement of your posts and page and how many likes your have.   All of these things are almost impossible to record from a traditional advert in the local paper.
  • You can use facebook posts to drive traffic to your website.
  • An active facebook page can help to increase your SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation). The most important thing is to create sharable content and encourage liking and sharing with good links.
  • It is a mobile friendly platform and facebook do all of the optimizing for you to make it visibly mobile friendly.

An interesting and regularly managed facebook page will help you to grow your business and should be part of your social media marketing plan. 

KoreroMedia can set up all of the above and then hand it over to you, the business owner, or simply manage it for you.

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