After years of talking about it I have finally set up my very own website,  Having helped others promote their small businesses through social media, local advertising and search engine optimisation pathways I am finally in a position to concentrate on setting up on my own.  My move to New Zealand, Rangiora in North Canterbury, has blessed me with more free time and hence here I am.

To explain myself I will use a small business I worked for in the UK as a case study.

Owen Pine and Oak is a small rural business in the south east of England that started off as Owen Pine, a small furniture business selling second hand bits of furniture and stripping pine doors. They went from strength to strength through the 80’s and 90’s due to a great reputation and word of mouth advertising.  They then started selling reproduction pine as well as antiques.

The change of the century brought many changes for us all, the internet being the most important as a new retail channel. Owen Pine had a very simple website, which back in the day was sufficient, then huge furniture retail competitors popped up and Owen Pine found it harder to compete.

I came on board in 2008 and could see that some drastic changes needed to happen to keep the business afloat yet still maintain that small family run yet professional feel.  Remember, reputation goes a long way in business.

  • Firstly they had started selling reproduction oak now so the name needed to be changed to Owen Pine and Oak.
  • The website needed a huge over haul, a complete rethink and redesign.
  • With a new website comes a new blog and new social media platforms.  All of which are essential for effective search engine optimisation.
  • Advertising needed to be addressed.  Don’t be afraid of it. Target an audience and go for it.  Nowadays due to online and social media advertising it doesn’t have to take a huge chunk out of your budget.

I am pleased to say that Owen Pine and Oak now sits comfortably in the 21st century. I still manage its entire advertising and social media programme from here in New Zealand.  The family have stuck to their roots of how they want to run their business by not selling online or price matching with other companies and as a result are still a thriving small business whose reputation sells itself, as can be seen from their online reviews.

Having the courage to make changes and move forward in a business is sometimes hard.  I fully understand this.  I just offer to take the stress out of some of those changes for you.

There are a range of social media platforms out there and it is just a case of fine tuning the ones that are appropriate and work for each business.

Please contact me with any questions and prices.



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